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This page is intended to get you quickly started using our wiki syntax.

Simple headline

Is written like this # Ultimate header

Ultimate headline

Is written like this ## 2nd level headline

Paragraph headline

Is written like this ### Paragraph headline

Internal links, like pointing back to MainPage.

Can be written in 3 type of ways: [MainPage](Main Page), or [[MainPage]], and also like [[MainPage|MainPage]]. See MainPage

External Links

Can just be placed as they are into a content of a wiki page, e.g. the marmdown syntax guide (

And typing the following:

* Item 1

* Item 2

produces a simple unordered list with our markdown syntax

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

Emphasizing text

Works through typing the following:

**This would become a bold text**, this is a gonna be a *cursive* text.

Further guidance

For further guidance you may want to have a look at this


Here you can edit this page to get started with a table like the following:

Counter Name
1 Row
2 Row



Main Page

Short introduction

Welcome to our conference wiki. You have to create an account at this website to be able to start using the wiki and/or showing your interest in attending particular sessions. Your contributions to this open space are very welcome, just make sure to be respectful to edits of every other user. May this simple wiki be with you at this years BerlinBuzzwords conference.

Here you will find some pages about all

Use and re-use tags (find them in the sidebar >>)

To provide everyone a bit of a structure to navigate across all infos gathered in this wiki, we ask you to use and especially re-use the tags which are showing up in the sidebar next to every wiki page.

With the wiki we all try to cover the topics of travel, hackathons the barcamp and some general info.

Markdown syntax and a bit more

This wiki supports markdown plus syntax to structure contents within a page. Here are several ways listed how one can write links into a page and thus also create new wiki pages.

This is an exemplary link to an informal talk.

WikiHelpPage, which leads you to the same information as this one.

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