Frequently Asked Questions

What Twitter/Blog/Flickr tag should I use? - Please use #bbuzz - we've shortened it a bit compared to last year, please don't include numbers.

Supporting the conference Is it possible to get involved as a sponsor? - Yes, absolutely. Please contact either Simon Willnauer, Isabel Drost, Julia Gemählich or Claudia Brückner for more details and a sponsor information package.

We are only a small Berlin startup - is there an option to get involved apart from sponsoring? - Sure. We are planning to offer workshops after the conference that shall be located in local offices provided by local companies and universities. That's a great opportunity to raise visibility of your startup without having to spend large amounts of money. Please get in touch with Simon Willnauer for more information.

Do you need any helping hands? - Any help with spreading the word on the conference is greatly appreciated. If you know Berlin, please also consider volunteering as a guide for our famous first conference day bar tours: Book a table at your favourite bar or restaurant for the evening of the first conference day and take up to 15 attendees out for an awesome evening in your favourite district.

Is it possible to transfer my Berlin Buzzwords ticket to a colleague or friend? - Yes, of course. Please contact Lara Fricke and provide your ticket details and the full name and email address of the person you would like to transfer your ticket to.