Nokia @ Berlin Buzzwords - Special Feature

Nokia makes adventure possible everywhere, every day. Yes, we do make phones but we are more than that, really. Our philosophy is all about adventure, so we build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Living the adventure, we dare to think out of the box.

We are not only a global company but we are beating right at the heart of the tech trends. Nokia has been present in Berlin since 2006 and our site in Europe’s hottest digital city has grown rapidly. What do we do in this metropolitan hotspot? Well… Currently there are more than 650 proud Nokians from more than 50 countries around the world working across different units; such as Location & Commerce, Mobile Phones and Markets.

Our Location & Commerce unit creates cutting edge technology that revolutionizes the way people discover what matters to them, using their mobile devices and the Internet. Nokia Berlin is the key R&D center for Location Based Services, covering everything to do with Maps, Navigation and We are completely dedicated to help people navigate and explore the world. The journey starts right here in Berlin, on web, mobile or 3D. The Nokia 3D Maps are available for 25 cities worldwide and our Berlin campus is buzzing with enthusiasm to expand the adventure to include more places around the globe constantly. We love outdoors and that is why our Maps have become an integral part of our lives.

We are a people company and we embrace the way Berlin Buzzwords brings the most passionate and dynamic minds together. At Nokia, we believe in networking, sharing, discovering and learning to look at things in a different way, That’s kind of how we roll! Our journey at Nokia is adventurous. For us, Buzzwords is a great opportunity to meet the most brilliant developers in their fields. Our people are keen to share their passion as we are proudly presenting the short talks of Steffen Bickel, Stefan Pohl and Stefan Hübner of our Search Team on Monday, June 4. The Search Team is particularly focused on machine learning and data-driven methods and has close ties to Nokia Research. Our very own Isabel Drost, also a fellow member of Search and one of the founders of Berlin Buzzwords, is repeatedly putting her heart and soul into making this event a must by bringing the greatest minds together.


Join the adventure with Nokia and make a difference in a global organization. In Berlin, we are currently looking for the best talents in the following areas: Machine Learning/ Java Experts, JavaScript/ HTML5 Engineers, System Engineers for Linux/ Cloud & Automation. Interested? Visit