Program and Wiki now online!

You might already have noticed, that the program for Berlin Buzzwords 2012 is now online - with all the talks and speakers in an overview. For detailed information click on a talk or speaker. The different colours indicate the field of the presentation's topic: blue stands for search, red stands for store and yellow stands for scale. In the detailed descriptions you also find an indication of the experience level of the particular talk.

Besides, we now have the Berlin Buzzwords Wiki set up for you. There you find pages about lightning talks, the barcamp, tons of possible hackathons, trainings and much more!

To be able to start using the wiki and/or showing interest in attending particular sessions, you have to create an account at this website. Your contributions to this open space are very welcome, just make sure to be respectful to edits of every other user. May this simple wiki be with you at this years Berlin Buzzwords conference.