Dragan Milosevic

Professional title: 
Senior Architect

04/2011-present: Lead Architect Distributed Computing, Zanox.de AG, Berlin

01/2008-03/2011: Senior Architect, Zanox.de AG, Berlin

06/2006-12/2007: Senior Research Scientist, DAI-Lab, Technical University Berlin

01/2002-05/2006: Postgraduate Researcher, DAI-Lab, Technical University Berlin

04/2000-10/2001: Teaching Assistant, University of Nis, Serbia

11/2001-12/2001 and 10/2000-12/2000: Visiting scientist and DAAD fellow, Computing Science, Dortmund

07/2000-06/2001: Part-time worker, RistanCase, Zürich ... Research: Hadoop and Lucene related technologies, several machine learning techniques, clustering techniques, information retrieval, logical programming with mathematica Development: Complex data analyses with Hadoop, Distributed reporting systems with Lucene, Product categoriesation and indexing, Resource-aware coordination techniques Teaching: Smart information filtering and filtering services, Programming techniques und database systems, Database techniques ... 06/2006: Obtaining Dr.-Ing. degree (very good), TU Berlin 09/2001 Obtaining M.Sc. degree (10.00/10.00), University of Nis 09/1999 Obtaining Dipl.-Ing. degree (10.00/10.00), Universtiry of Nis ... Autor of "Beyond Centralised Search Engines: An Agent-Based Filtering Framework", Vdm Verlag Dr. Müller

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