Apache James: More than emails in the cloud


Apache James is a lot of components that fit toghether as an enterprise email server. James offers a feature that no other email servers: Mailets. Through Mailets, James provides a very powerfull message processing platform. It even allows you to distribute Mailet processing on many machines using Akka framework. Now this platform has a distribuited, scalable message store implementation using Apache HBase and is moving to the cloud. This means more emails and more processing power. If your business requires handling and storage of billions of messages from millions of users than James may be the right choice for you. I would like to give a short talk about James's architecture and the HBase mail store implementation. I will show how you can extend James to manage any kind of message, not just emails.

Watch the video of Ioan Eugen Stan's talk here.

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5 June 16:35 - 16:55
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Short (20min)