Hadoop gets Groovy


This talk explores how to do mid-level programming in the Hadoop framework using Groovy instead of Java. This language lets you develop with more agility than if you use Java -and offers more flexibility than if you use Hive or Pig. We'll look at the language, how to use it in Map and Reduce jobs with a helper library, Grumpy, to answer some interesting questions about a year's worth of discovered Bluetooth devices in a British City. The talk will consider how to adopt the language, -and when not to. Time permitting, we'll cover some advanced things you can do on Hadoop 0.23+ with the technology. -All code samples will be Apache licensed and online, though the Bluetooth dataset is something that Bath University (sadly) doesn't make public. -The talk duration can be 20 or 40 minutes

Watch the video of Steve Loughran talk here.

Schedule info
Time slot: 
4 June 14:45 - 15:05
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Short (20min)