Introducing Cascalog: Functional Data Processing for Hadoop

Cascalog is a data processing library for Clojure - a Lisp dialect for the JVM. Cascalog mixes functional and logic programming. It makes data processing code very concise, easier to grasp and reason about. Being just a Clojure library, all of Clojures' features are just a keystroke away - no need to learn another custom language (like Pig or Hive). This also allows for powerful abstraction and composition capabilities. Live Demo - Parens abound! (This talk will have the style of a live demo. a 40 minute slot is appropriate. There will be a minimal set of slides, one or two Emacs buffers and lots of code - in digestible bits)

Watch the video of Stefan Hübner talk here.

Schedule info
Time slot: 
4 June 16:35 - 16:55
Experience level: 
Presentation Format: 
Short (20min)