A JCR view of the world: everything is content, everything is a tree

This talk presents a number of real-world examples of how JCR tree structures are used to store content in heavy-duty content management systems such as Adobe CQ5. We'll describe a number of macro- and micro-tree structures that expose your content in a transparent, evolvable and self-documenting way. By dissecting several example web and mobile application pages down to the content repository node and property level, we will show how JCR's combination of free-form and more structured micro-trees allows us to create simple and flexible content structures that can evolve with your application with minimal disruption. This talk will help JCR developers design efficient content models for their applications, and provide ideas for people using other storage systems to help them design clean and understandable storage models.

Watch the video of Bertrand Delacretaz's talk here.

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4 June 11:25 - 11:45
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Short (20min)