Multi-tenant HBase Solutions at Facebook


Facebook first started looking for a distributed OLTP database solution in 2010. We ultimately chose HBase as the best solution for a variety of our workloads. Since then, we have rolled out multiple large production systems using HBase. For example, our current Messages infrastructure runs on HBase and handles over 180 billion person-to-person messages per month. This talk will discuss multiple Facebook projects that are running on HBase now, our selection criteria in choosing HBase as a good fit, and the functionality we added to open source to optimize a growing variety of use cases. The material should primarily appeal to system architects and database administrators. Minimal NoSQL conceptual knowledge is recommended. The audience should leave with an understanding of the various benefits of an HBase datastore solution, how Facebook uses HBase to achieve next-generation scaling, and configuration options to consider when evaluating or scaling an HBase solution.

Watch the video of Nicolas Spiegelberg's talk here.

Schedule info
Time slot: 
5 June 13:30 - 14:10
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Long (40min)