Scalaris: Scalable Web Applications with a Transactional Key-Value Store


Modern web applications are commonly built on top of key-value stores for seamless horizontal scalability, e.g. in Cloud environments. In contrast to relational databases most key-value stores support only eventually consistency and a restricted data model (single index). Scalaris [1] is a scalable, transactional, distributed key-value store. It thus overcomes the consistency and data model restrictions of common key-value stores. Atomically updating a set of key-value pairs allows to map relational data models and multiple indices to the NoSQL paradigm. After a short introduction to Scalaris and the Wiki data model, we show how to map a Wiki (including backlinks, category pages, etc) to key-value pairs and how to use Scalaris as a storage backend. Several approaches to optimise such mappings with regard to scalability and performance will be presented and evaluated. [1]

Watch the video of Nico Kruber's talk here.

Schedule info
Time slot: 
5 June 16:10 - 16:30
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Short (20min)